October is Disability Employment Awareness Month

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Poster that reads 'The Right Talent, Right Now' in smaller letters it reads 'National Disability Employment Awareness Month'. Photo credit: Link.usps.com

Having trouble finding workers? You may be looking in the wrong places. Photo credit: usps.com

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. In observance of this fact I want to share a couple stories.  We are aware that people with disabilities want to work, but are employers doing what they can to utilize this labor force?  Check out this story appropriately named ‘An Untapped Workforce.’ Two days after this story ran, Valley News Live ran an AP story about how North Dakota hiring managers are struggling to find solutions to the state’s worker shortage.  Despite the issues facing people with disabilities, there is some good news regarding employment and people with disabilities.  Check out this story from respect ability.  Also, we shared a story about this last year and I feel like it is relevant to leave you with it again here.

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