School Uses Inclusion Rather Than Seclusion

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Photo of the front entrance of South View Middle School in Edina, Minnesota. South View is home to Peer Insights, a program that pairs students in special education with their general education peers. Photo credit: South View Middle School

South View Middle School is encouraging inclusion with Peer Insights Program. Photo credit: South View Middle School.








While some schools are talking about seclusion, South View Middle School is using Inclusion rather than seclusion to break down barriers.  We talk about inclusion often.  Inclusion is important, not only for students with disabilities, but for their general education peers as well.  So nearly ten years ago, special education teacher Jessica Cherne and a group of middle-school students started Peer Insights.  Check out this story on Disability Scoop.  South View is a glowing example of how inclusion can break down barriers and foster growth and understanding.

Angie from Freedom Resource Center holding up a chalkboard with the word 'Inclusion' written on it.

Because inclusion benefits everyone. Photo Credit: Freedom Resource Center

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