People With Disabilities Can Share Their Own Story

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Tony Award winner Ali Stroker raising her Tony Award on-stage. People with disabilities can share their own stories.

Oklahoma actress Ali Stroker becomes First wheelchair user to win a Tony Award. Photo Credit: gettyimages

Hollywood actors and actresses who do not have a disability portraying a disabled character is nothing new.  Not sure if you remember the film Rain Man. It featured Dustin Hoffman playing a man with autism.  More recently ABC’s ‘The Good Doctor‘ features Freddie Highmore playing a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome.  We are all familiar with Chris Burke and Marlee Matlin, at least hopefully. People with disabilities can share their own story.  They have been doing so for years.

Life Goes On

Remember the show Life Goes On? Golden Globe Nominee Chris Burke; who has down syndrome; plays a character with down syndrome.  The show debuted in 1989 and ended in May of 1993.  It took home 9 Awards and was nominated for 20 more!  This also reminds me of my first blog story. Check it out here. In it, there is an interview with actor James Martin who talks about breaking barriers.

Children Of A Lesser God

In 1987, Marlee Matlin; who is deaf; won an Academy Award for Best Actress and as well as a Golden Globe for the same category for her role in Children of A Lesser God. By now you saw that Ali Stroker won a Tony award for her performance in the Broadway production of Oklahoma!  The fact that people with disabilities are winning awards is not the story here.  Everyone has talent to share.   It’s nice that people notice.

Angie from Freedom Resource Center holding up a chalkboard with the word 'Inclusion' written on it.

Inclusion is for everyone. Photo Credit: Freedom Resource Center

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