Preparing your Pets For a Disaster

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A desperate dog stranded in floodwaters clings to an army truck. Photo credit: Cindy Amey

Pets are helpless when it comes to surviving a disaster. Planning ahead can save your pet’s life. Photo credit: Cindy Amey








When it comes to surviving a disaster our pets are completely reliant on us for their safety.  Planning ahead for our pets can make all the difference.  When making a plan for our pets there are several things that should be considered. Since disasters occur with little or no warning, having a ‘go bag‘ ready for them can save valuable time. Things that you may want to consider include:

Food and water

A waterproof container with a lid can be used to store food as well as a bowl to eat from.  Consider an extra bowl for water and a can opener if you are bringing canned food without a pop-off top.  It’s ideal to bring at least 3 days worth of food and water for them.

Medications and vaccination records

Store this information in a waterproof container along with contact information for your pet’s veterinarian office.  This will be necessary if you need to board them or place into a temporary shelter.

Litter box

If you have a cat you might want to consider a small litter box, litter and scoop as well as plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet.

Leash or harness

Make sure your pets are wearing a collar with identification and you have a leash or harness to allow them walks when possible and keep them from running away at the worst possible moment.

Pet carrier

A pet carrier can be used to carry your go bag and pet bed, food and water when not in use.

Toys or familiar items

This is a stressful time for you and your pets.  It is a good idea to bring some favorite toys or a blanket for comfort.  Playing with our pets can help reduce stress.

Most emergency shelters for us do not allow pets.  If you are unable to bring your pet with you make arrangements ahead of time with an area animal shelter or boarding house.  For more information on how to prepare our pets for a disaster, check out this link on


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