Real-Life Story of Triumph

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Amberley Snyder, sits in her wheelchair next to her horse.  She is dressed in western attire. Photo credit:

Amberley Snyder has a message for all of us. Don’t give up. Photo credit:

When we hear about someone who suffers a life changing injury, we always want to hear how they bounce back.  Amberley Snyder’s story begins with her taking her own photo.  Check out Amberley’s story here.  Walk. Ride. Rodeo.; Amberley’s life story was made into a movie, with the message never give up.  Life will often hand us a difficult path.  How we follow that path is up to us.

Marie from Freedom Resource Center holding a chalk board with the word 'Choices' written on it.

Make the choice to never give up. Freedom Resource Center.

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