REAL Service Dogs… Lending More Than a Paw

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A service dog brings a prosthetic limb to its owner.
Service dogs are trained to assist with specific tasks to help make life more manageable for people with disabilities. Photo credit

Dogs are incredible creatures. They are man’s best friend, that we know for sure. But dogs are so much more than friends. Dogs are incredibly smart and are capable of learning tasks that can help improve the quality of life for us. In addition to improving the quality of life, service dogs make the impossible possible for so many. Just read how a service dog named Bowie literally saves her owner’s life here.

Service dogs save lives daily

I am not exaggerating this. In fact, you can google ‘my service dog saved my life’ and find 270,000,000 results. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read how this service dog saved this man and his family here. Also, read how a service dog named Paddington helped to make life with PTSD more manageable here. A blind man recently ran and finished the New York City Half Marathon with the help of his service dog. See for yourself here.

What can a service dog do for me?

If you have a disability and have questions about service dogs or would just like to help make someone’s life better, visit Service Dogs For America. Their passion for empowering people with disabilities is unmatched and it shows with their level of commitment to each pup.

Don’t fake it!

I know that all dogs have real potential to be extremely intelligent and at times appear to help us with tasks; but unless you have a trained service dog; leave it at home!

Dog with a service vest shaking hands with a person
Anyone can teach their dog to shake hands. Although amusing, it is not a task done to make your quality of life better.

Remember the story we shared about fake service animals and the cost they have for those who really need a REAL service animal? I will share it again here. Bringing your pet into businesses have a real cost. It could cost someone their ability to get out into the community. Don’t be selfish.

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