Reasons To Hire Someone With a Disability

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A group of paramedics from an ambulance company pose for picture in their office. The dispatcher happens to be a wheelchair user. Photo credit:

People with disabilities can be the asset that employers are looking for. Photo credit:








In the United States alone, 1 in 4 adults live with a disability.  That means that over 61 million people have a disability.  If you are running a business, it would make sense to not only appeal to this considerable market, but add them to your team.  Below I want to share with you a few reasons why a business should hire someone with a disability.


I spent nearly a decade assisting people with disabilities to find sustainable, meaningful employment.  During that stretch I had the pleasure of working with countless people in the community who love nothing more than going to work.  One gentleman that I supported would literally climb a mountain to get to work.  When winter storms forced closures for several area businesses, he remained eager to work and needed assurance that he can have the day off.  This is pretty typical.  A job can provide more than just financial benefits.  The social aspect of working in the community is big draw for most.  Meeting new people and making friends are a big part of working.

Work Ethic

Another woman worked 2 jobs, never complained about work.  She would sometimes work both jobs in the same day if one job was shorthanded and needed some extra help.  Her boss would often say “I wish more of my staff worked as hard as she does”.  I saw this often with so many people. Sure, there are exceptions, but how many can say that we want to go to work every day regardless of the weather, or how tired we may be.


One man who works at a local grocery store and has for the last 11 years.  To this day, he loves everything about his job and never stops smiling. This love for his job is obvious to customers and for some, it is the reason they shop there.  He would never think of doing anything else, and will probably happily work there until he retires.

Tax Incentives

Tax incentives are available to businesses.  Yes, you can hire someone who is reliable, honest and hardworking and still get more incentives.  Just for giving someone a chance to show you that not only are they capable of doing the job, but attracting more customers!  Because when people see someone who loves their job, it makes that shopping or dining experience that much more enjoyable.  Nobody goes to a restaurant and enjoys having a server who hates what they are doing, or a dishwasher who doesn’t care about cleaning dishes properly.  And nobody wants someone bagging their groceries when they don’t want to be there or just don’t care.  There are so many reasons to hire someone with a disability.  Honest, reliable, hardworking people are out there.  You just have to give them a chance.

Macie McCarty stands outside Hornbacher's grocery store in Fargo wearing her uniform and a big smile. Photo credit: Create Internships Vocational Training Center

Enthusiasm is not something you can teach. Macie McCarty is excited for her new job. Photo credit: Create Internships Vocational Training Center.


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