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You have almost made it to 2019!  There are only 6 days left to the new year; when everyone makes a lofty resolution. It may be sustainable for a week or two, but if you are like me, you cave.  It is great to have ambitious goals to reach for, but why do we always push ourselves to follow something that is not always realistic for our day to day?  Today I am going back to the basics to share 6 resolution tips that anyone can accomplish.

  1. First and foremost, you are going to want to get back into a daily routine.  Getting back on a normal eating and sleep schedule helps us to get back to reality without the stress.  We talked about 3 healthy routines early this year here.
  2. If you have tons of baked goodies left from Christmas try to limit how many treats you eat per day.  Maybe set these aside for after accomplishing something around the house.
  3. Do some stretching or light exercise. This should be something we do everyday.  Stretching is great for our bodies and anyone can do it.  Benefits of stretching are here.
  4. Stay social. We mentioned this a few weeks back. See why its important here.
  5. Get a new hobby. This can be anything. We mention several activities that can turn into healthy hobbies right here.
  6. Have an open heart and mind.  We covered this in 2015 here and it is relevant today more than ever!

Now go enjoy what’s left of 2018 and end this year with a positive outlook.  Just remember to take one day at a time.  How do you stick to your resolutions? Share your tips with us here.

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