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A family sits packed into a station wagon whose roof rack is packed with suitcases and sleeping bags for a long trip.

Preparation and planning are keys to safe travel. Photo credit:

The biggest travel weekend is upon us.  According to AAA, more than one-third of Americans will travel this holiday season.  With that many people on the road it is easy to justify staying home, but to most, traveling for the holidays cannot be avoided.  Being with together with family is a staple of the holidays, but our bodies do not always make it easy.  Sitting in a car for 3 hours is hard on everyone, but can be especially difficult for those who suffer with an overactive bladder. Maybe you use a wheelchair, is your holiday destination accessible?  Maybe you are going back to the farm, do you have enough medication to last a few extra days?  Whether you have a disability or not, traveling takes preparation and planning.  I have learned that when traveling with small children, it is best to be over prepared.  My father who has Multiple Sclerosis is no longer able to walk and needs his wheelchair to get around. He is also dependent on medications, and my mother, to ensure he takes them.

I realize that not everyone has support like this which is why I am sharing with you some tips for traveling from the Mighty right here.  These tips are great and relevant for everyone. Do you travel for the holidays? How do you get ready? What do you bring? We would love to hear your thoughts right here. Whether you have a long journey or a short walk, safe travels.

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