School Gives PE Credits For Helping Others with Yard Work

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A boy mowing a lawn with a push mower.

Programs like this one do much more than get kids out of gym class. Photo credit: Adobe Stock

A school in Dubuque, Iowa is offering students credit for helping the elderly and people with disabilities by doing yard work. Check out that story here.  Not only does this help out members of the community, it strengthens the fabric of our society.  Also, these kids are getting much more than a class credit.  Helping others makes us feel good about who we are.   It fills our tank, so to speak.  We are living in a time when technology connects us to the world from the palm of our hand, while simultaneously disconnecting us from real connections.  This program helps a vulnerable population maintain the ability to live independently while providing a true sense of community for years to come.  Lastly, programs like this should be in every community.  Physical activity is important, and helping youth grow into caring, compassionate adults should be on top of everyone’s list.

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