Selling Segregation as Integration

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Road sign that reads Disabilityville 3 and an arrow pointing to the right.

This would be pretty messed up if people with disabilities were segregated from the rest of society; however; one developer feels that it can actually creating feelings of inclusion.

The year is 2019.  The American’s with Disabilities Act is 29 years old.  Inclusion is growing like spring flowers.  Segregation is much older and unfortunately for society, is still a thing.  Segregated housing can be found in many places.  For example.  In warmer climates, 55 and older communities are everywhere.  In some cases there is a limit of how many times a grandchild can visit per year! These communities are nothing new, but one neighborhood that is being built as I type this; features segregated housing for people with disabilities.


When I think about an integrated society, I picture diversity.  People of different races, religions, abilities and disabilities all living in the same community. This is not a radical, new idea.  The ADA gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities similar to those provided to individuals on the basis of race, color,sex, national origin, age and religion.  So everyone can live together in harmony right?


Even in 2019, there are new housing developments going up right now that are advertised as segregated for people with disabilities. Just check out Luna Azul in Arizona. Touted as being inclusive and empowering, I would have to argue that a housing community for people with disabilities is anything but inclusive or empowering.  How can segregating a population of people create feelings of empowerment for them? Maybe I am missing something here. Maybe I should read more about segregation.

Stuck in reverse

Selling segregation as integration is not progress. We talked about this issue 5 years ago.  See it as it was 5 years ago here.  Segregation is not empowering, nor is it inclusive. For more information on inclusion as it should be visit us here.

Angie from Freedom Resource Center holding a chalk board that reads Inclusion.





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