Champions of Disability Rights

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Three climbers work their way up a snow covered mountain
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Sometimes it seems like the smallest task is like climbing a mountain. For me, last week, my mountain was taking down the Christmas decorations and packing them away in the same box they came from. First world problems for sure. But what if the task at hand made the difference between being independent or included in your community? The path to accessible services for so many is unclear and filled with obstacles. To give you a better idea of the barriers that can stand in the way of independence and inclusion click here. Fortunately there are advocates that can help to choose the best path towards independence.

At Freedom Resource Center, we have dedicated advocates whose mission is to provide services that increase independence for people with disabilities. You or someone you may know may struggle with accessibility concerns or inclusion in your community. We are here to help, serving people with any disability, of any age with no medical or financial criteria.

So whatever your mountain is, give Freedom Resource Center a call at 1-800-450-0459 or visit our website by clicking here. Together, we can be Champions of Disability Rights.

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