Spring is The Time For Growth

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A photo of a sign that reads 'Personal Growth' with a sunny sky with scattered clouds in the background. Photo credit: virtuesforlife.com

With spring around the corner, it is a good time to talk about personal growth. Photo credit: virtuesforlife.com









Winter in the midwest has a way of creating barriers for many of us.  Whether it keeps us from getting out into the community, or limiting opportunities for socializing, winter has a way of keeping us inside.  Don’t worry, Spring is almost here, and with that, many of us cannot wait to get outside.  When we are preparing ourselves to get through another year, staying active and eatting healthy are two things that don’t have to wait until spring, or cost us much.  Whether you have limited mobility from a disability or a recent fall on the ice, here are some tips and excercises that help keep you active even during the winter months.  Also, having fresh vegtables on-hand is something you don’t have to spend alot of money on.  Freedom In Action offered a class on how to make your own biodegradable planters from empty toilet paper rolls.  It’s a cheap and easy alternative to buying vegetables during the winter, and you can grow year-round. All you need is empty toilet paper rolls, potting soil, seeds, sun and water.  Check out this link from Preparedness Mama.  It will take you step by step to create your own garden year round.  Even though we can’t wait for Spring to get here, doesn’t mean we have to wait on being healthy.

Jerry from Freedom holding a chalk board with the word 'Access' written on it.

Access to fresh vegtables and healthy habits doesn’t have to cost you much. Freedom Resource Center

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