State Sues Architects For Stadium Renovations Non-Compliant with ADA

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Mackay Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

Mackay Stadium in Reno, Nevada. Photo Credit: Pintrest

Recently the state of Nevada filed a lawsuit against architects after a $14 million dollar renovation fails to comply with ADA guidelines. Check out the story on Yahoo Sports here. Unfortunately this is not unique to Nevada, and nothing new.

Sound Familiar

Closer to home, in Fargo, the Sanford Health Athletic Complex,  opened in 2016, also has issues with ADA compliance.



Accessible entrance at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex. The button to open the doors is placed between two doors that open directly into the path of whoever attempts to operate the accessible door. ADA requires that there be a 30 inch by 48 inch clear space surrounding the door. That is not the case here. Photo Credit: Jerry Christiansen

Can you find the accessible door button? ADA requires that there be a 30″ by 48″ inch clear space around the button so users can safely access the button. Photo Credit: Jerry Christiansen

Imagine that you are trying to push the button to open the accessible doors in the photo and one of the doors is pushed open from the inside. This is something that happens quite often despite the ADA being 29 years old.  When we talk about lawsuits waiting to happen, this is it.  Also, who could forget this story.  Negligence and non-compliance are not cheap fixes; however; following ADA guidelines with new construction the first go around can ensure you avoid a costly lawsuit and a damaged reputation.








Jerry from Freedom holding a chalk board with the word 'Access' written on it.

A community is stronger when everyone has equal access. Freedom Resource Center

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