Teacher Recognized For Efforts, Wins 1 Million Dollars

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Peter Tabichi holds award for 2019 Global Teacher Prize.

Peter Tabichi holds award for 2019 Global Teacher Prize. Photo credit: Varkey Foundation

Teachers are seldom given enough credit for all they do for their students. They make sacrifices everyday for the future of youth. For example; earlier this year in Texas a kindergarten teacher cut her hair to match a student who was being teased for her short haircut. Read that story here.

Charitable foundation steps up

In recognition for all teachers do, the Varkey Foundation holds an annual Global Teacher of the Year event, the winner is awarded one million dollars.  This year, the winner Peter Tabichi, couldn’t be more deserving. Read about Peter and this event here.

Local teacher receives national recognition

Closer to home; Kayla Delzer who teaches third grade in Mapleton, received the 2019 Teacher of the Year  North Dakota. Read her story here.  Equally important, raising awareness to the value of a quality education for all children is something that benefits all of society.


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