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A green computer key that reads 'Access' stands out from other keys on a keyboard.

Sometimes getting access to information takes learning a new skill. Photo credit:






We are living in a world full of technology.  For someone who didn’t grow up using a computer, it can be difficult to catch up.  Technology is evolving and changing every day, making it hard for most of us to keep up.  Fortunately there are resources available to help with even the most basic of tasks like using a computer.  More and more employers are using online applications and forms are difficult to find unless you know how to search for them.  Accessing information using a computer or smart phone is getting to be commonplace, but not everyone has access to the resources to help them learn how.  Recently I was introduced to a new resource that starts out with the basics of using a computer.  Check out this link.  Anyone can sign up and use this resource that is offered through the West Fargo Public Library.

Jerry from Freedom holding a chalkboard that says access on it.

We believe that everyone should have access to information.

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