The ADA Turned 29, Who Noticed, Who Didn’t

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A young boy with a USA tank top on leans next to his father's wheelchair, resting his head on his dad's shoulder. Photo credit: Reuters

With millions of American’s living with a disability, one would think disability rights would come up during debates. Photo credit: Reuters

61 million adults in the United States live with a disability. This is a fact.  So why is it completely left off the table when presidential candidates pitch their agenda to potential voters?  It should be mentioned that when the ADA turned 29, only 12 candidates offered up any sort of statement of recognition.  The RespectAbility Report shared what 2020 candidates had to say regarding the ADA’s 29th Anniversary in this story.

Important to U.S.

Not only are disability rights important to us, they are important to the entire nation.  When we talk about equal rights this is it.  Unfortunately, there are so many issues threatening equal rights today that I would not have time to go through all of them in a single blog post. One thing that is certain, we need to continue to push for equal rights. The Disability Integration Act pushes for increased community based services for those with disabilities so that independent living can be a reality.  It’s not like it suffers from a lack of support. With over 800 rights organizations around the country backing it’s passage, one has to wonder what is taking so long.

Speak up, speak out

Pam from Freedom Resource Center holding a chalk board with the word 'Independence' written on it.

We will continue to push for independence for all. Freedom Resource Center.

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