The ADA turns 31, What’s Changed?

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As we look forward to celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turning 31, we recognize the battle for equal rights still rages on.  Employment for people with disabilities is central to the ADA.  Despite this, unemployment for people with disabilities continues to rise.  Agencies that provide employment supports are struggling to find staff to meet the demand; however; we need to remember why our rearview mirror is small in comparison to our windshield.  The Olmstead decision opened the door for people to live the life they want to live and efforts to enforce the Supreme Court’s decision continue to be successful.  Innovations in assistive/adaptive technology as well as improvements with public transportation continue to make life more inclusive for those with disabilities.  We understand that advocating for change takes time.  We also know that progress is worth a fight.

If you or someone you know needs help to live more independently please call Freedom Resource Center at 1-800-450-0459.


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