The Benefits of Gratitude

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Freedom Resource Center Director Nate Aalgaard
By Nate Aalgaard

The last few weeks have been challenging here in the upper mid-west. This is a good old-fashioned hard winter. Extreme cold, plentiful snowfall, and high winds have made life extremely challenging. One way I have tried to stave off feeling down about the whole situation is to acknowledge things I’m grateful for. I started to write an entry in my journal every day.

Sometimes it’s something simple, like a favorite food or the opportunity to create some art. Sometimes it’s bigger, like having a supportive and loving family.

Here at Freedom, many of our employees and board members have been calling this the Freedom Family. I suppose in a way it is. It’s one of those deals where you are involved with another group of people, not necessarily intentionally. The only one who gets to pick who works here is me. But somehow, people bond together around a common purpose and feel like family.

Yesterday was Giving Hearts Day. It gave us a perfect opportunity to bond together to raise money to support the valuable work we do. I’m happy to say that we had a wonderful day and received tremendous support from our community, family, and friends. In fact, we set a record for the amount of money we have raised during this 24-hour day of giving. Money raised yesterday, in addition to our pre-campaign donations, brought the grand total for all contributions to $61,797!

In calling a few people to remind them about Giving Hearts Day, and in making a few thank you calls, I also received many compliments on the work we do. I am very proud of everyone who is here, giving their best effort to help people with disabilities live independently in the community of their choice. Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way during this past year.

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