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Diane from Freedom showing Freedom In Action participants how to set up a loom for weaving. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center

Like weaving, Freedom In Action blends a passion for creativity and community with friendship and support to create lasting bonds and newfound hobbies. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center










Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime-author unknown.  Life is full of opportunities to learn.  Learning how to adapt to change is not always easy.  At Freedom Resource Center, we believe that Peer mentors can help to navigate through the barriers that come with facing a new disability.  Sometimes social anxiety is enough to make even going to the store difficult. To help build social skills in a smaller setting, Freedom Resource Center offers  Freedom In Action.  It is a monthly social learning experience that takes place in each community where Freedom Resource Center has an office.  We offer classes that help to reach goals of independence and opportunities to work with local artists on projects of your own.  Art can help unlock so many doors and allow you to communicate through the art you create.  Providing these opportunities to our community allows us to build bridges into the community.  Whether you are working on social skills, or just want to find resources to help you continue to live independently, Freedom Resource Center’s advocates are passionate, attentive and resourceful.  All services are provided at no cost to you.  For more information about Freedom Resource Center please call 1-800-450-0459 or visit us at

Please consider donating to Freedom Resource Center on Giving Hearts Day on February 13th.  Your donation will help us to continue providing peer mentor supports and extended classes aimed at increasing independence. Go to or to donate.

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