The Fight for Public Accommodations

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The fight for public accommodations is one that started long before the signing of the ADA.  In 1978, a group of activists known as the Gang of 19 laid down in-front of inaccessible buses in Denver, CO. chanting “We will ride!” Many consider this one of the most important protests in the disability rights movement.  As we all know, change takes time. We shared a story about how advocating for change takes time and feel it is relevant to share with you again here as it relates to public accommodations.  Public accommodations allow someone who relies on a service animal access to services without discrimination.  They can also help someone who is visually impaired to cross a street safely.  Public accommodations are all around us.  But even with these accommodations in place, barriers to independence still remain.  Removing these existing barriers to independence is critical to the independent living movement.  This is a fight that Freedom Resource Center welcomes on a daily basis.  We are thankful for the ADA and will continue to view the world around us with a wide lens and a common goal, independence for all.


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