Things to do While Stuck Inside

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Elderly woman looks out a window with a cat sitting on the table in the foreground. Photo credit: Getty Images

Don’t let unnecessary barriers hinder your ability to make the best of being stuck at home. Photo credit: Getty Images







Spring is upon us, but with schools, businesses and large activities closed or cancelled, many are wondering what to do now.  Fortunately, there are so many fun things that you can do without leaving your home.  We recently shared a blog about planting seedlings in biodegradable containers.  Here is that blog again if you missed it.  If you have small children at home and need some ideas you can check out this list from Mommy Poppins.  Structure is helpful so making a schedule with your kids can help to keep the day flowing and fight boerdom.  Also remember, you can still enjoy some fresh air by going for a walk.  Getting Vitamin D from the sun can also help your immune system fight off infections.  Sitting in the sun near a window is also a great way to get some Vitamin D.  But if the outdoors are not an option, here are some ideas from Lifehack.  Try to stay active if possible.  Your immune system will thank you.

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