Tips For Staying Healthy and Active

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The word "Stay" is spelled out with Scrabble letter squares going downward and the word 'Healthy is spelled out across. Photo credit the

Staying healthy and active can do good things for our mental health. Photo credit:









There is never a bad time to get active and eat healthy foods.  When shopping trips are few and far between, it is important to remember to get a good balance of  foods that are not only good for you, but will last you until your next trip.  Frozen vegetables are a cheaper option and you will not have to worry about them going bad. Also, staying hydrated is always important. Drinking water not only helps keep us hydrated it helps us digest our food as well. Here is a blog we did last year about how much water does for us.  I found an article with tips on how to stay healthy and active during quarantine and will share it with you here.

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