Transition Programs Vital to Young Adults with Disabilities

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Macie McCarty stands outside Hornbacher's grocery store in Fargo wearing her uniform and a big smile. Photo credit: Create Internships Vocational Training Center

Transition programs help to teach work skills prior to finishing school so after graduation one can find meaningful employment and continue to grow. Macie McCarty at her new job. Photo credit: Create Internships Vocational Training Center.













Finding a meaningful job can be difficult.  Finding a meaningful, sustainable job with a disability can be even more of a challenge.  A challenge, that is without transition programs and vocational support.  Take rural areas for example; resources to provide vocational training are often limited, leaving a gap of services for those finishing school.  With limited options available, families are sometimes left to consider sheltered workshops.  In some areas, the resources for pre-employment training do not exist outside of sheltered employment.  But for those living in areas with transition programs, many unfortunately wait too long. Check out this article on Disability Scoop.  For more information on transition programs visit  or call 1-800-450-0459.

Pam from Freedom Resource Center holding a chalk board with the word 'Independence' written on it.

Independence starts now. Freedom Resource Center.










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