Traveling With a Service Animal

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Whether it be to visit family for the holidays or to go across town to met a friend for lunch.  Everyone travels at some point.  But with the rising costs of owning a car not everyone has access to one.  Thankfully nowadays there are Lyft and Uber drivers everywhere, so getting a ride is not only more readily accessible, it is also cheaper than a cab.

Can my service animal ride with me in an Uber?

But what if you travel with a service animal? Would your ride accommodate you?  According to Uber’s Service Animal Policy state and federal law prohibits Uber drivers from denying service to riders with service animals. The law states that the driver is only allowed to ask you two questions about your service animal.

1. Is the animal required because of a disability?

2. What work or task has the animal been trained to perform?

What about lyft?

Lyft has to follow the same state and federal laws as Uber and cannot deny service to anyone with a service animal. Here is lyft’s service animal policy. If for any reason your lyft or Uber driver denies you service because of your animal the National Federation of the Blind would like to know about it. Follow this link to notify the NFB.

National survey

If you recently used either lyft or Uber with your service animal, the NFB would like you to participate in a national survey about your experience by completing a brief survey right here. Thank you in advance for helping out with this. Lastly, For frequently asked questions regarding the recent settlement between NFB and both ride companies click here.

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