Study Debunks Theory that Vaccines are Related to Autism

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Large study with over 650,00 participants finds that those who were vaccinated had no more of a likelyhood being diagnosed with Autism.
Study with over 650,000 subjects finds that being diagnosed with Autism was no more likely in those who were vaccinated vs. those who were not. Photo credit: Harvard University

A study in Denmark conducted between 1999 and 2010 focused on all children born to Danish mothers. Using a population registry, they tracked 657,461 children for a decade, finding that 6,517 of the kids were diagnosed with autism. And believe me here, sample size matters!

Children who received the vaccine for Measles and Mumps were found that they were just as likely to be diagnosed with autism as those who did not get the vaccine. These findings were published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine here.

Anti-vaxxer: Pharmaceutical Companies Can’t be Trusted (Ever)

There are so many convincing arguments out there on this topic. The Healthy Home Economist recently wrote a blog citing six reasons to say no to vaccination. I will give you the link here. The number one reason cited being that pharmaceutical companies cannot be trusted. Not a medical fact. Nothing based on scientific data. Don’t get me wrong. I love conspiracy theories. Also, pharmaceutical companies hide dangers of a drug in favor of profits (Oxycontin) a lot. But vaccines are not making anyone rich. Drug companies profit from sick people, and vaccines help to ensure the opposite. In addition, using language like ‘you betcha’ is best saved for a blog about lutefisk and lefse rather than one aimed at convincing people to risk their children’s overall health and possibly their lives.

Measles can be deadly and is extremely contaigous. Autism, however is not deadly and should never be seen as something worse than polio, measles or mumps. Photo credit: BabyCentre

It is hard to argue vaccines are not effective. Four regions of the world are certified polio free because Jonas Salk’s vaccine, not because the virus simply took a vacation. Those four regions are the Americas, Europe, South East Asia and the Western Pacific. Remember in 1952, there were nearly 60,000 cases throughout America; 3,000 were fatal, and 21,000 left their victims paralyzed.  Also keep in mine that Jonas Salk refused to patent the vaccine to make a profit, preferring that the vaccine be widely available. Just recently a 30 year-old software project manager who was not vaccinated as a child got the measles. Read his story here. Lastly, is Autism really worse than Polio, Measles or Mumps? I would argue that it is not worse, and those worried about it need to learn more on the subject. We would love to hear your thoughts on this right here.

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