VisAbility Cane Developed to Guide Visually Impaired

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A can user walks in front of visAbility signage on a storefront window. Photo credit:

Emmanuel Lee demonstrates the visAbility cane. Photo credit:








Assistive technology for visually impaired people continues to evolve.  Two teenagers from Montreal developed visAbility.  Check out this story of what inspired the teens here.  Tech giant Google partnered with the teens to give their creation the abilty to gauge the distance from objects.  We Walk is another type of smart cane that uses Google maps to help guide users throughout their surroundings.  Check out that story as it appeared in Adaptnetwork here. Google is not alone when it comes to working on projects that make life easier for those with disabilities.  Microsoft continues to develop accessibility devices that assist the user to play video games regardless of their ability.  Click here to check out our blog about the XBox controler that adapts to the user.  All of these developments help to promote inclusion, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

Angie from Freedom Resource Center holding up a chalkboard with the word 'Inclusion' written on it.

Because inclusion benefits everyone. Photo Credit:Freedom Resource Center

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