Volunteer Without Leaving Your House

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A man holds up a smartphone in-front of one of his eyes, while on the screen of the phone is an image of someone's eye that lines up with the man's face. Photo credit: Youtube.com

Be My Eyes founder Hans Jørgen Wiberg. Photo credit: Youtube.com







During these uncertain times, it is so important to be self-sufficient.  Having the ability to stay home with all your basic needs met is what all of us need.  For the blind and visually impaired, Be My Eyes is a valuable tool for getting in-home assistance during this quarantine.  We mentioned this in a blog last year. Check out this video.  For those of us who are struggling with what to do with our time please consider being a volunteer for Be My Eyes.  Not only would you be helping someone, you can rest assured, you will feel good about it.  Here is a link to the website.

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