Volunteering Benefits Everyone

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Several people's hands are pictured joining together in the center of the picture. Photo credit: Freepic.com

Community organizations whose mission is to help the less fortunate could not accomplish much without volunteers. Photo credit: Freepic.com

When we think about volunteering, we imagine that we are helping the cause by donating our time and energy.  The truth is, volunteering benefits more than just the cause, it benefits us as well.  Not only does volunteering set a good example for our children and community members, volunteering benefits everyone.  Yes, even us!  Giving our time to a worthy cause makes us feel good inside.  Check out this article on HelpGuide.  Life is busy, sometimes we barely have enough time for ourselves outside of work, but when you really stop and look at it, helping others is helping ourselves.  The feeling of providing for others who are less fortunate is better than any present you can get yourself.  We talked about this before and I feel it is relevant to share with you again here.  So this holiday season, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your family, look into your community for opportunities.

What Can I Do?

Coat and toy drives are a common cause that although simple, can make all the difference for those in need.  Also, homeless shelters are always looking for volunteers to help with meals and friendly faces to serve that meal.  Don’t forget the aging members of our communities  living in assisted living facilities.  Visiting with them makes their day. Check out this site for ideas and opportunities volunteering with seniors in your community.




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