Ways Assistive Technology is Helping Students with Disabilities

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A female teacher shares a smile with a young girl who is holding an iPad and wearing headphones. Photo credit: fhi360.org

Assistive technology can help students by adapting lesson plans to a format that is accessible. Photo credit: fhi360.org








When it comes to learning, everybody is different.  So it makes sense that assistive technology comes in so many different forms and is useful in every venue.  We recently shared a blog about AAC devices, if you missed it you can find it here.  When it comes to creating opportunities to learn, advances in technology enable students at all levels to access an appropriate public education.  The ways that assistive technology bridges the gap between students and information depend on what the student’s needs are.  To shed some more light on ways assistive technology can help and how far it has come, check out this article on EdTechmagazine.com.


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