“We’re Just Doing Our Jobs”

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A man with down syndrome is pictured with an apron on working in a greenhouse. Photo credit: Americasavesweek.org

It should not come to a surprise that people with disabilities are great employees. Photo credit: Americasavesweek.org

We see it all the time. Inspiration porn, littered with people with disabilities working in their communities. I agree, it is great to see, but at the same time, this is pretty typical stuff.  Unfortunately so many employers are still in the dark and hesitate to hire applicants with a disability. Just check out this story.  It is for this reason why we feel that it’s necessary to keep bringing up the fact that people with disabilities are just like anyone else.  For example, Richard Ovind was born with spina bifida.  He works full-time and still takes time to give back to his community mentoring others with disabilities and volunteering for Freedom Resource Center.

Richard Ovind telling his story. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center

Richard Ovind telling his story. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center








Also, there are times when simply getting the opportunity to showcase good work ethic and passion for helping others can pay off.  Check out this story on thinkwork.org.  We are in the business of opportunities.  Everyday is a new chance to help make someone’s life better.  Give people a chance.  It shouldn’t surprise you when they succeed.


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