What Makes a Playground Inclusive?

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A child in a wheelchair enjoying a spin with a peer on an inclusive spinner that is built level with the ground. Photo credit: Webberrec.com

This inclusive spinner is built level with the ground, making it easy to board with space for up to two wheelchairs at once. An additional single seat provides extra physical support for kids or caregivers, while kids of different heights can hold on securely to sloping handrails. Photo credit: Webberrec.com










When we hear someone ask what makes a playground inclusive we need to understand the meaning of the word.  Inclusive by definition means not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something.  Recently I was able to speak with Jen Troska, head of the fundraising efforts for the Moorhead Inclusive Playground.  One thing that stood out was how she got involved.  “I’m just a mom” Jen stated.  When you look at communities that have an inclusive playground, they all have one thing in common.  A community that comes together.  Parents, teachers, advocates, businesses and park boards working together to form a ‘community build‘ playground that is inclusive for all.  King Park in Lakeville, Minnesota is another example of what can happen when a community collaborates it’s efforts for inclusion. King Park is located next to Miracle League Baseball Field in Lakeville, and the proposed site for Moorhead’s Inclusive Playground is next to Miracle Field at Southside Regional Park in Moorhead.  A Picnic in the Park is set for September 9th at Gooseberry Mound Park.  For more information on how you can get involved check out the Moorhead Inclusive Playground on Facebook or visit the city of Moorhead’s website.  To advocate for an inclusive playground in your community contact your local parks and recreation department and start a conversation.

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