What’s Wrong Wednesday: Do you know why you shouldn’t park in the lines?

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Articles like this one are not difficult to find, neither are stories of people with disabilities sharing stories about the ignorance of people who park in the access aisles of accessible parking spaces.  It would be giving the benefit of the doubt to people that park there to say they don’t know better but they likely do and just simply don’t care that they are making it impossible for people with ramps to come and go. I can bet with confidence that if you blocked in their car they would be pretty upset.

So why does this still happen? The best we can hope to do is educate other drivers of the importance of this space and to work with local law enforcement to make it a priority. In the article posted on The Mighty blog, Officer Goins was interviewed after sharing a photo of why parking in the access aisle is such a problem and it went viral. He said,

“it is not uncommon for people to not understand why parking in the loading area warrants a citation. He recently had an incident when someone contested their citation. ‘I towed the vehicle, and they couldn’t figure out why.'”

In Minnesota and North Dakota, parking in the access aisle is punishable by a fine of at least $200 or $100 respectively. Click on the state link to learn more about accessible parking in your state.

photo of wheelchair ramp from a vehicle blocked by car in access aisle



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