What’s Wrong Wednesday: Mental Illness does not Discriminate

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The story of Kate Spade’s suicide is important because it is unmistakable evidence that disabling conditions don’t discriminate and it can be said with certainty that you don’t know the internal struggles people go through. Depression and other mental illnesses are serious, in fact, it causes as much death as other anatomical ailments. Mental Illness is scary because when our brains get hijacked by them we lose who we are and lose our rational selves. Mental Illness is scary because it is the ultimate master of disguise and can manifest in anything from a loud cry for help to hiding behind a workaholic to looking like the life of the party. The only way you can know someone’s story is to ask and to have an open and unjudgmental ear. Those who need the support are not looking for you to fix them only to believe them.

The Kveller blog article by Jordana Horn writes, “You cannot see beyond the furious darkness of the depression. It engulfs you. It prevents you from sleeping, it keeps you from rational thought, and it leads you seductively to the idea that all those people who love and care for you would be better off if you ‘weren’t around.’”

She echoes that “Mental illnesses are fierce enemies of life, just like cancer or sepsis. They are indiscriminate and prey on the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the confident and the insecure.”

“Storms pass. Life is very much worth living. You can save your own life by calling out for help, and we can help others by talking about and erasing the stigma of mental illness. It starts now.” You can call for help or to help others with the information listed here or call your local crisis line.Grainy black and white photo of Kate Spade wearing a sunhat and white button up shirt

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