What’s Wrong Wednesday: People with disabilities are forgotten in times of emergency

 In #zerobarriers, What’s Wrong Wednesday

I found an interesting article sparked by the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that talked about the forgotten people in the world trade center; people with disabilities. The article says that in times such as these people with disabilities are the first casualties because of the lack of planning for the evacuation of people with mobility impairments is grossly underdone. A common practice or plan is for people who use a wheelchair or mobility device to wait at the stairs and wait for rescue – but what if you can’t wait? The author provides a link to emergency evacuation chairs that would be vital to aid a person with a disability and also a link to see more on the experiences of people with disabilities in the event of an emergency by the National Council on disability. 

What can you do to make your workplace more accessible in emergencies?

You can also photo underneath a table showing a mans feet of a man sitting in his wheelchair. learn more from the CDC and the Red Cross.

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