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A letter by Kristen Dvorakon the Fargo Forum website, again addressing the concerns over the specialized school being renovated for children with disabilities in Fargo, is raising concerns about segregation. The concept of this school being a separate institution where services are focused on only children with disabilities is in direct violation of the IDEA, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The Federal law prohibits discrimination and states that these kids can go to school alongside their peers with proper supports. In addition, there are pieces from the Rehabilitation Act Section 504, and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act that is concerning as well. This is what the disability movement has been fighting against from the beginning.

Two excerpts from the article stick out to advocates of people with disabilities:

“…by keeping students in their neighborhood school, you would reduce the stigma of students with disabilities. Special education is not a place within a school or school district, but it is related services that a student needs to be successful in accessing the curriculum along with their peers. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act has a strong preference for educating students with disabilities in regular classes with appropriate aids and supports.”

“If Fargo Public Schools pools its resources into one specialized school, that is the only place where the services will be. Those services will no longer be in the neighborhood schools. This renovated building will become the school where children with high behavioral needs always go and they will remain there until they age out of that program. Parents will be told that they can stay at their neighborhood school; however, the services needed for their child will be at the Agassiz School.”

Do your own research at the Department of Education website and more specifically on the IDEA website.

See the full article here.

Direct quote from article about segregation of students with disabilities.

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